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INSA Business School

We offer a wide range of up-to-date training programs in different areas of the company, always responding to market needs, training professionals who are able to successfully enter the labor market thanks to the knowledge, skills and attitudes we convey, and the design of a practical and realistic training plan, taught by professionals.

All this, moreover, accompanied by other services and the personal attention you deserve.

INSA was created in 1984 in response to the pressing need of companies to incorporate highly trained people; people with real and practical vision of the labor market.

From the beginning, INSA opted for specialization in the areas of Assistant Management and Communication (Public Relations and Marketing). The good work of our teachers, the flexibility to adapt our curricula at all times and to have a practical methodology has made it that INSA has more than 13,000 alumni from 40 different nationalities.

Market, political, economic and technological changes have demanded that INSA annually update their programs, creating new courses as well as offering our students the possibility of studying entirely in English with a major international perspective.

Furthermore, INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School maintains several collaboration agreements with major institutions and national and international universities. 
INSA are looking to increase their partnership network in order to diversify and enrich their student base.

Please feel free to register your interest in making contact with their specialised team of admissions professionals. 


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Our mailing address is:

Education Agents Ltd

Level 33

25 Canada Square

Canary Wharf, London E14 5LB

United Kingdom

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