In this webinar, we will focus on Bishopstrow Online


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29 Мая 2020, 16:42 | # 87171

Dear Igor Ozerin 

I hope all is well and that you and your family and colleagues are keeping safe. 

I am writing to invite you to a first of a series of webinars that are being launched by Bishopstrow College in response to the Covid-19 crisis.  These webinars will focus on informing agents and parents of prospective students about the various routes to top boarding schools in the UK and some of the key areas to focus on in relation to preparing for boarding school entry. 

The first webinar is scheduled for Friday 29 May at 9.00am BST.  In this webinar, we will focus on Bishopstrow Online 

We very much recognise the difficulties being faced by families currently, with study plans disrupted by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.  Against this background, Bishopstrow Online offers a solution for those students whose plans to prepare for entry to boarding school have been disrupted, due to the ongoing lockdown.  Launched at the end of March, Bishopstrow Online will continue through the summer, during the College’s ‘Term 4’ commencing June 22, with enrolments from 3 weeks up to 10 weeks available for international students aged 7 to 17 years.  As such, Bishopstrow Online is also suitable for those international students interested in experiencing a ‘taste’ of British education during the summer. 

The webinar will be led by Stuart Nicholson, Principal and Chris Lewis, Director of Studies.  A short video invitation from Stuart can be found here:

To register a place, please contact Tessa Howard-Vyse at   We would also be grateful if you could extend the invitation to any clients who may be interested in learning more about this pathway to boarding school for their son or daughter.

Ahead of the webinar, we will share some short videos from the academic team and students sharing feedback on their Bishopstrow Online experience.  Do please therefore register early!

Login details for the webinar, which will be delivered on Zoom, will also follow in due course.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards. 


Mark Jeynes

Email: Web:
Bishopstrow College | Bishopstrow | Warminster | Wiltshire | BA12 9HU | Tel: +44 (0)1985 219210 | Mob: +44 (0)7769 651028

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