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15 Июля 2016, 18:45 | # 66483
Dear WikiVisa.Ru,

May I draw your attention to a young and dynamic International Sports Academy with boarding facilities which is located near Apeldoorn in the green hearth of The Netherlands. The Academy , called the FSG Academy is a mixture of sport, education and healthy life style.
The unique location of the FSG Academy and the beautiful environment are the ideal and safe setting for a challenging and enriching sport and study program. The Academy offers various sorts of sports. All training programs are tailor-made for the individual student. We work closely together with renowned partners in the sports field such as the Centre of Sports and Education, The faculty of sports sciences in Amsterdam and other professional sports organizations. The program consists of two parts namely actual practice of the chosen sport and general sport skills important for every athlete such as: physical and mental conditioning, Leadership, vision training, and athletic body management.
Our students-athletes will be guided by coaches, trainers and (physio) therapists.

The FSG Academy is also providing academic programs mixed with full sports programs. The academic programs are based on the well-known International academic programs such as the IBDP and Cambridge curriculum (including the AS and A levels). The Academy is also offering learning support and guidance. Thanks to the cooperation with the Wittenborg University at Apeldoorn we even can offer Bachelor and Master programs. The student can choose out of 35 different programs under which Sport Business Management. The student-athletes can combine their sports with a special tailor-made academic program. The FSG Academy has also developed together with the Wittenborg University a Pre University program for student-athletes wishing to continue their education at a university in The Netherlands or in the USA/England/Canada. This program includes a preparation program for ACT, SAT or TOEFL. We value an appropriate balance between sports and schoolwork and therefore we put significant emphasis on proper time management by each student.

The FSG Academy is a small community with International students. This is all provided in a modern school building in a woody country side.
There is a strong sense of community in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We aim to foster a truly International community and we create a home-away-from-home environment for all our students with the help of our house parents. The campus language and the instruction language are both of course English.

We are still looking for active and enthusiastic partners for a mutual beneficial cooperation.
It would be great if your agency is able to promote our International Boarding Academy and to recruit students for our school.

After one student is enrolled into our Academy with the help of your agency we are offering your office a contract. For your information, we are paying a commission of 10% based on the tuition and boarding fee of the first year and 5% for his second year

If you are interested in a cooperation with The FSG Academy or if you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Han van der Zwan
Head Master
FSG Academy
+31 (0)651274942
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