The BELS MALTA. Школы для взрослых и детей, изучение английского языка на Мальте 2017.



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28 Ноября 2016, 13:29 | # 70779

Dear WikiVisa.Ru,

Now that black Friday weekend is over, let the real fun begin. Here’s to what we call colourful & buzzing days ahead as BELS prepares for the New Year.  

As of 2017, all new students will be provided with a pre-sessional online learning programme … being offered FREE OF CHARGE to all adults. We are integrating the most recent methodological developments in blended learning to embrace the evolving learner of the 21st century and their needs. Our added commitment to the academic product will enrich students’ learning experience both in the classroom and distantly (at pre/ post arrival stage).

Interactive whiteboard update

To implement & develop the blended, dynamic, learning approach with greater efficiency & to have more effect, interactive whiteboards will be installed in ALL classrooms. These will be made available to all adult & junior students throughout the schools. This will provide a wide range of interactive activities which cater to various types of learners, thus allowing students to boost their learning potential in an engaging & positive environment. 

Branding in-house & introduction of new welcome packs & student cards

It is time to put the final stages on this transition that you have witnessed through new logos, brochures, notebooks, pens & cloth bags. Over the coming weeks we will be rebranding our schools in a modern and cohesive manner to represent our new clean style. However, it is not only our marketing materials & buildings that will be refreshed, we have also produced new student welcome packs & we'll also be rolling out new student cards for all BELS students.

No we never rest at BELS :) we are always looking for better ways to EXCEED YOUR CLIENTS EXPECTATIONS.

As 2016 comes to a close, all hypes are high & the BELS management team are in full swing making sure that all our promises are fulfilled. We may be a small team here at BELS, but by all means we aim to guarantee each student with an unforgettable experience & meet all their learning needs.

Thanks for being our partners & letting us excel at this with you.

This international centre is situated in the heart of the picturesque tourist town of St. Paul's Bay. The school is a stone's throw away from the sea & our superior residence is located in the same building, overlooking the seaside promenade.

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Isabella Conti
Director of Sales

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4 Ноября 2021, 13:27 | # 95711

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Наш бюллетень по безопасности, основанный на первоначальных результатах расследования несчастного случая со смертельным исходом на борту парома ро-ро Clipper Pennant в Ливерпуле, Англия, 20 июля 2021 года, теперь опубликован.

Запросы прессы

Вопросы для прессы в рабочее время 01932 440015

Запросы для прессы в нерабочее время 0300 7777878

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