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Become a Certified English Teacher - TESL Diploma Program

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SC GEOS TESL Diploma Program makes you become a certified English teacher and get a diploma that is recognized worldwide. You will be qualified for teaching English in Canada, the USA, as well as the rest of the world.


What you will get by taking our TESL courses?


Internationally-Recognized TESL Diploma - A MUST HAVE to English Teachers

Approved Course Modules Give You Confidence to Teach English Anywhere

Option of Teaching Real Class - 20 Hours Practicum Available in ESL Schools

TESL Job Search Assistance & Recommendation


See details of the benefit from our TESL courses here


TESL is the abbreviation of Teachers of English as a Second Language. SC GEOS TESL Program aims to provide language teaching training to individuals who want to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language. Students will learn how to prepare lessons focusing on different skill areas in English education. They will be eligible for recognition by TESL Canada.
TESL courses are available in Toronto, Victoria, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.

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Ready to become a certified English teacher?



Other news from SC GEOS North America Schools


Daisuke Oshiro – Level: Advanced

Student of the Month in Calgary English School

“Just believe in yourself.  Actually there was a time when my self-confidence was really, but I would never give up. No one else can make your life successful.  Come to school every day and try your best.”



Come and learn about CELPIP.
Thursday, February 2nd – 6.00-8.00pm
Tel: +1-403-266-5152
Address: 1040 – 7th Ave SW. Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 3G9


Sheridan is one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions, educating approximately 18,000 full-time and 35,000 continuing and part-time studies students every year.
Direct Entry to Sheridan College is available after completion of SC GEOS Level 6 through our University Pathways now.



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SC GEOS' language courses in the U.S.A have been accredited by ACCET; in Canada have been approved by Languages Canada; in the U.K. have been evaluated and accredited by the British Council; in Malta have been accepted by Feltom.



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