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2 Сентября 2016, 16:30 | # 67235

Dear Partners WikiVisa.Ru,

I believe most of you have probably heard from other schools' directors at this point. And I wish to add VGC's voice to the current issues at hand. 

As you probably are well aware, one of the ESL schoolsin Vancouver, Vancouver English Centre (VEC), has fallen on hard times. What started as a teacher strike has turned into a full closure of the school. 

VGC International College is working with Languages Canada and other Languages Canada accredited schools to place VEC students that have been displaced by the closure. 

As someone who has worked for a variety of ESL schools in Vancouver, I have first hand experience that there are many outstanding institutions to choose from in this city as well as within Canada. You can recognize them by being accredited by not one but multiple organizations: Languages Canada, EQA and PCTIA (soon to be PTA).  I would like to add my voice to the plea and ask you to please be careful who you work with. 

Furthermore, schools that are unionized always run the risk of strikes. I would like to remind you that VGC International College is not union. We are incredibly proud of our teachers and have a very good relationship with all of our staff. As a past teacher myself, we run the school responsibly in a manner which is conducive for a healthy, happy work place. 

Although VEC has been in bad standing with Languages Canada since June and has never been accredited with PCTIA, as Canadian's proud of the quality and reputation of our ESL industry, we will come together and help support any student that has been displaced by this closure.  If you have a student that is registered at VEC, and affected by these circumstances, please let us know and we will do our best to place them.


    Dominic Walton
    Executive Director

411 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1L4

Tel: +1.604.688.9057 | Fax: +1.604.688.9058 | Email:

VGC International College


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