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24 Января 2021, 18:20 | # 90089

Dear Friends WikiVisa, 

Welcoming a brand new year of 2021 is important and lets stay together, connected and supportive!

One more time on behalf of Mohawk College I would like to thank you for your continuing support, so creative way of working and your ideas!

If you have any good news stories about Mohawk College students or employees, feel free to share them with me.

I am open to receive your thoughts of what updates from Mohawk College you would like to receive. 

What I need from you: Please send me your marketing activities/events calendar with including budget that you might be planning on your own with our participation

or on our behalf for 2021 as I am planning Mohawk’s activities including budget and need to finalize it by January 31st . 

What’s New 

January Start Up: All our students have started successfully January semester in person and online. 

Applications update: Our Applications from Europe + CIS increased by 50% for all intakes and this rate is growing rapidly.

We are open to receive applications for January 2021 (depends on seat availability and late start date) – all programs and applications still open for September. 

Entering Canada: If students (current and new) are willing to come in person study in Mohawk College, we have a procedure, please connect with me and I will guide you through all stages of arrivals. More information about Entering Canada: here. 

English Tests: Duolingo still acceptable for September 2021. 

Amazing Updates: 

EduCanada Scholarship 2021-2022 – we accept applicants from Ukrainian Region only (for my regions). More details for EduCanada Scholarship: here. If you have interested applicants please send me an inquiry. This information is not for the advertisement purposes

1+1 Graduate Certificate Programs: New twinning postgraduate path for students. Now students can select 2 graduate certificate programs at once: Register + Receive Letter of Acceptance for 2 years duration Read More. Intakes: September 2021 and 2022. 

Bachelor of Digital Health: Our own brand new Bachelor Program is available to international students for September 2021 intake Read More. Tuition fee is much cheaper than University. 

Russian website version: Mohawk’s Russian website has been launched and ready for you, your colleagues, parents & students to use. We keep updating it on the regular basis and welcoming you to contribute on the improvements. Russian Website: – Read More. You can update your website, social media and marketing materials with adding it. 

We continue to improve our services and programs, developing and launching so many interesting projects – stay tuned for further updates. 

Stay healthy and safe! 

Please visit our official websites:


Russian (Русский) : 

Best regards,

Lana Belau

Market Specialist – Europe & CIS

International Partnerships & Recruitment

Telegram & Viber

Skype: Mohawk_Lana

Phone: (+1) 905-575-1212 ext.4104

Mohawk College

135 Fennell Avenue West

Hamilton, ON L9C 0E5




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