Warm greetings from Hudson College, Toronto! Please see attached our most updated (NEW) Upper School Viewbook.



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17 Октября 2017, 18:48 | # 80284

Dear Agents and Friends,

 Warm greetings from Hudson College, Toronto! 

Our maple leaves are turning into yellow now – a sign that a new school year has already started, and a new journey of looking for quality students has also begun. 

Please see attached our most updated (NEW) Upper School Viewbook.  Please let me know if you need us to send you some hard copies.  

We’ve also updated our fee details for international students for the 2018-2019 School Year.  Please see the attached. 



Sai Li
International Admissions and Student Services
Hudson College

21 Ascot Avenue, Toronto, Canada M6E 1E6  

416-631-0082, ext. 105


Skype ID: sai.hudsoncollege


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