Opposed to other areas in Spain, the situation in Valencia is right now stable


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17 Марта 2020, 18:51 | # 86740

Dear Maria, 

I want to update you on how things regarding COVID-19 are developing.    

Opposed to other areas in Spain, the situation in Valencia is right now stable, here there are not many people infected and the risk of contracting the virus is still low, but the local government is taking strict measures to prevent it from expanding which we see as a positive action.    

The schools and universities are closing, some from today and some will close next Monday. The language schools remain open and we will have to keep lessons running unless we receive the order to close. There are right now 150 students in the school coming to class normally.  

We have taken all measures to provide a healthy learning environment, and are continuously verifying that all of our students are well and healthy.  Spain has an advanced health care system. Should one of our students become ill, we ensure that he or she will receive the appropriate medical care immediately.     

Facing this unpredictable situation we would like to cooperate in making things as easy as possible for everyone, this is the policy we will apply for our students:   

  • Current students: if while we are open, any of our students would like to interrupt their programme and go back home (they should inform us in the school or by email as soon as possible) we will keep the unused part for a future date in the next 12 months.    
  • Students with courses not already started: they can postpone their course and accommodation with no cost for anytime during the following 12 months.    
  • In the event that we had to close:    
  1. Our administration, teachers and cleaning staff will continue working. 
  2. Students will stay in their accommodations, we will take good care of them 
  3. Lessons will continue online with the same study materials following the regular timetable schedule. We are prepared for it, we will immediately inform students by email and will instruct them on how to work with our online system which is very easy and can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. 

In the event of closure if students prefer to return home they should inform us within 24 hours from the closing notice and we will keep the unused weeks for the following 12 months.    

We hope this situation gets better soon and as always we remain at your disposal for any assistance you may need.     

Kind regards    

Cristina Navarro


Españolé International House Valencia
C/Caballeros, 36  46001 Valencia (Spain)

+34 96 353 04 04




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