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Dear WikiVisa.Ru‍, 

I hope everything goes well with you and you had a good weekend.

 Did you receive my e-mail below? I wonder if you got any request about the below offer and/or if you have any question or any feedback from your students about the programmes.  

The below offer is valid only until Friday and we only have a few places left! 

Are you interested in becoming one of our authorised agents for next year

We have just changed our programmes which have become completely modular and much easier to sell as they are available all year round. Since our first meeting we have developed several programmes for juniors and families, so you will find something interesting for you and your customer. 

Why is Travelling Language different? Because Travelling Languages was created based on the personal experience of the owners: “Salvatore and I moved to Ireland over 10 years ago and know how difficult is to improve a foreign language when you do not have many opportunities to practise it regularly. Mastering a foreign language is difficult, but we proved it can be done in a short period of time with the right environment and practising constantly with locals.” 

  • Do you have students who do not feel confident in using the language?
    Are you receiving feedback from students who spent most of their time abroad speaking their own language with other students?
    • Or maybe you have customers who are looking for something intensive that would give them the opportunity to quickly improve or to brush up their language skills in order to grab better opportunities before the new year starts…
    • Do you want to “try out” a new school before committing to work with them? 

Travelling Languages is the right school for you and your students! 

Why have our agents added our programmes to their existing portfolio? So far, language programmes could be mainly divided in two categories: “traditional course + activities” or “total immersion in the teacher’s house”. We combined the best features of both and we have created a total immersion course where students can constantly practise English, while meeting new people every day and visiting Ireland. How cool is that? Now you can offer something different to your customers! 

We are changing the way we work with our partners from 2017 and our best agencies will get new programmes, much higher commission and new contract with exclusivity for each country! 

As you never worked with us and you did not manage to send any student so far or you are still evaluating if we have the right programme for your customers, we would like to give you a last minute offer to “try us out” before we change our pricing and the way we work with agents from 2017 onwards!  

We offer you an incredible over 40% increase on the standard commission on the following programmes:
• 9th to 15th October  - 2 pax for the net price of €1,500 instead of €1,638 (gross price €1,998) … for a total of €498 commission for you!
• 23rd October to 5th November  - 2 pax for the net price of €2,950 instead of €3,263 (gross price €3,980) … for a total of €1,030 commission for you!  

Hurry, these are the last two programmes with the old price, before we raise our prices for 2017!


Can you think of a better deal than this? This will give you the opportunity to get a direct feedback before deciding if the changes we are implementing are going to be good for you and you want to embrace them and keep offering our programmes to your customers.  

What do you think? 

To avail of this once in a lifetime offer, you just need to promote the above programmes and book the students by 30th September. You only have one student? Get back to me anyway, I am sure he/she can have the trip of their lifetime! :)

Please let me know if I can be of any further help and/or if you would like to organise a skype call to know more about our programmes and understand together the way they can fit your students’ needs. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards, 

Rosanna Fiorenza  

Managing Director – Education & Student Welfare
Travelling Languages
6, Clare Street – Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)1 44 345 44
Mob.: +353 (0)85 141 0295
Skype: rosanna_80


Администратор, Профессионал

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27 Ноября 2021, 17:42 | # 96726

Повторное назначение члена Комитета по семейным правилам

Лорд-канцлер объявил о повторном назначении Майкла Сита членом Комитета по семейным процедурам на 3 года с 11 сентября 2021 года.

Лорд-канцлер повторно назначил Майкла Сита членом Комитета по правилам семейных процедур (FPRC) с 11 сентября 2021 года по 10 сентября 2024 года.

FPRC был создан в соответствии с разделом 77 Закона о судах 2003 года для разработки правил семейного судопроизводства. Его цель - сформулировать четкие, легко понятные правила для создания доступной, справедливой и эффективной системы семейного правосудия.


Майкл Сит - начальник отдела юридических операций Службы судов и трибуналов Ее Величества. Он адвокат с более чем 30-летним опытом и юридический советник магистрата, работающий в семейной юрисдикции. Майкл работал в судах Лондона, Юго-Западного и Мидлендского регионов. Сейчас он работает с коллегами как в Мидлендсе, так и на национальном уровне, чтобы управлять работой судебных советников магистратов и процессами в судебной администрации. Помимо своей работы в качестве советника по правовым вопросам и управляющего в судах, Майкл более 20 лет проводил обучение для юридических советников и магистратов.

О политической деятельности он не заявлял.

Назначения и повторные назначения в FPRC регулируются Уполномоченным по государственным назначениям и соответствуют Кодексу управления канцелярией Кабинета министров о государственных назначениях.

Это повторное назначение было произведено лордом-канцлером в соответствии с разделом 77 (2) Закона о судах 2003 года в консультации с лордом-главным судьей, который делегировал его президенту по семейным делам.

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