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30 Ноября 2016, 13:26 | # 70796

The latest news at Anglo: 

1) I will be in Russia, Belarus and Turkey for the next two weeks but of course thanks to the magic of the internet, mobile phones, Skype  and my wonderful CRM system, I will still be at your service 24/7. I will be running some teacher training seminars, speaking about our courses and running demo lessons for school children all to help my agents sell our courses for 2017. 

2) Our London central school in Marylebone is now completely sold out and we have a waiting list in case of any cancellations. 

3) We still have 2 more London options:

  1. i) St Margaret's near North London which is a traditional boarding school experience.
  2. ii) Uxbridge in West London which runs on The Brunel University campus.  

4) Edinburgh QMC is now approaching capacity. We do have the option to book more beds in the next week or so. So if you are considering Edinburgh. (It is one of the best cities that you can send your students to, I lived there for 2 years. I know). If you are having trouble convincing group leaders or parents how amazing Edinburgh is then, please show them the interactive timetable for Edinburgh. It contains links to all of the excursions, museums, accommodation etc etc..... Edinburgh is becoming the place of choice for many groups, due to its friendly locals and stunning architecture. 

5) Don't forget that if you take an allocation on St Margaret's before Dec 2 you can take advantage of our Black Friday deal of 1 group leader to 10 students and pay nothing until March. 

6) Did you know we have an agent facebook group? Go here and post a photo of winter where you are. 

7) I shall be at Alphe Spain, Alphe Taiwan and ICEF Dubai in the new year and will be sending invites to you if you are there, so we can catch up on how your sales are going. I'm also going to be available for teacher training and demo classes in Spain for the week after Alphe. Please ge tin touch if you think it can help your sales. 

I will send you updates from my seminar tour in Eastern Europe next week and let you know about further Anglo news.  

Take Care

Let's catch up on Skype Soon 

Warm regards

Gary Clarke

Sales & Marketing Manger

2017 Live Brochure 

I shall attend

Alphe Spain, Alphe Asia & ICEF Dubai

in 2017  

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 447 924 (direct)

Mobile: +44 (0) 79795 96794

Skype: anglo.sales


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