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29 Февраля 2016, 16:54 | # 66176
Школы Ирландии 2016

Dear Partner WikiVisa,

MLI International schools are delighted to bring you up to date on our High School Programme. Our HSP Programme is open to students aged 12 to 18 and is available at a number of High Schools in Dublin & throughout Ireland.

The MLI team have a wealth of expertise and experience in placing students in Irish secondary schools. Students have the choice of attending either fee-paying or state schools. Our secondary schools have to be chosen for their quality & high standard of education.We are now enrolling international students for the next Academic year in September and would be delighted to start cooperating with you. I am enclosing for your attention a copy of our High School Programme brochure. Brendan Kelly, our marketing director, is available to give you further details in relation to our programmes. You can contact Brendan by email We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ciara Douglas High School Coordinator ______________________
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Информация по ирландским школам во вложении

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4 Марта 2016, 11:35 | # 56763
Для иммиграционной визы в Англию нужно оплатить медицинское страхование из расчета 200 фунтов в год.

NHS и IHS (Иммиграционный сбор за медицинское обслуживание в Соединенном Королевстве) Immigration Health Surcharge для визы в Великобританию 2016

Кто должен платить сбор и по каким категориям виз? Что такое Иммиграционный сбор за медицинское обслуживание IHS или NHS?


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16 Марта 2016, 17:21 | # 56764
Atlas High School Programmes

We are excited to announce that in 2016 Atlas will be working with some of the best secondary schools in Ireland to provide High School placements for EU and Non-EU students. We work with only the foremost schools in their fields, chosen for their academic, sporting and extracurricular excellence.
Our High School Placement programme director is Arthur Godsil, the former Headmaster of one of Ireland’s top private schools. Arthur's extensive experience and knowledge of the Irish school system have helped us secure partnerships with some of the most well known and best regarded schools in the country, including Rockwell College, St Conleth's College, and Glenstal Abbey.

We have an excellent selection of schools with boarding, day, public and private options available - you can read more detailed profiles on our partner schools, the placement process, and our Guardianship Service in our High School brochure.

We look forward to welcoming your students to our Atlas High School Programmes in 2016!

The Atlas Team


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1 Апреля 2016, 18:07 | # 56765
Тест на туберкулёз на визу в Великобританию 2016 (от 180 дней пребывания в UK) - студенческие визы, рабочие визы, семейные визы, виза инвестора, виза предпринимателя в Великобританию, виза жены, визы невесты и иные иммиграционные визы в Соединенное Королевство.

Министерством внутренних дел Великобритании было объявлено о введении в России предварительной проверки на туберкулез заявителей, подающих документы на долгосрочную визу, которые планируют проживать в Великобритании от 180 дней в году.

Где пройти тест на туберкулез для визы в Великобританию 2016?
Кому нужно проходить тест на туберкулез для британской визы и для каких категория виз?


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17 Июня 2016, 21:10 | # 56771
Dear Partner WikiVisa.Ru

I hope this newsletter finds you well. This month we bring you news about our new accommodation options and upcoming Autumn Special Offers.


Academic Year Special Offer : 2 FREE Weeks Accommodation
  • 2 free weeks single room within a city centre shared apartment.
  • Limited number of twin rooms available on request for couples or friends travelling together.
  • Valid for courses with start dates between 3rd September 2016 and 2nd September 2017.
  • Bookings must be made before 31st March 2017.
  • Academic Year programmes starting from €1600 nett (25 weeks tuition)
  • More details...
Autumn/Winter Short Term Special Offers: Tuition + Accommodation Packages
  • Valid for courses with start dates between 3rd September 2016 and 31st March 2017.
  • Bookings must be made and paid for before 31st December.
  • Combinations of tuition and accommodation starting from only €210 nett per week.
  • More Details...

New Twin Room Apartment Option
  • Introducing a limited number of twin rooms to our city centre shared apartments for couples or friends travelling together.
  • Available from 30th July.
  • €145 per person per week.
New Single Room with Private Bathroom Option
  • New single rooms with private bathrooms available all-year round.
  • New city centre location.
  • Available from September 3rd.
  • €180 per week for the remainder of 2016.
Change in Check-In and Check-Out times for Carraigrua Apartments (single room shared bathroom)
  • Check in time is now between 16.00 and 23.00 on day of arrival. The time has been extended to allow for those arriving later.
  • Check-Out time is now before 11.00 on departure. The time has been extended to allow for later check-outs.
More accommodation details...
I would be very happy to discuss these offers with you or send you a quotation based on your individual client needs.

All the best,


Anita Locke
Marketing Executive
Cork English Academy
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