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Good day, WikiVisa.Ru 

We are pleased to send you updated information on our 2017 summer programmes in Ireland. Our long experience and competent reputation in hosting international adolescent students on our Cork City campus delivers a top quality and enjoyable outcome to all concerned. Access English Campus was founded in 1976 and is an officially recognized and monitored school, with a long and distinguished record in providing successful Integrated English Language & Recreational Programmes  for Juniors from 10 to 17 years of age. 

Our cutting edge Academic Digital Platform in the classroom is highly effective in ensuring both active and positive participation by every individual student at their appropriate CEFR level. All of our teachers are university graduates with an appropriate TEFL qualification. The maximum number of pupils per class is 15, but with an average number of 12. Students receive an official Certificate of Achievement outlining the total number of hours taken at their corresponding CEFR level, along with a Teachers´ Report and comments and suggestions for future  language improvement.Our wide range of extra-curricular activities, both on and off campus are also presented and discussed beforehand in the classroom, including Power-point presentations on all visits and weekend excursions. Our timetable is very varied and extensive and students are really kept busy from early morning until late evening. Classes and activities can be held  either in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Every student lives in an individual or twin bedroom in our student residence on campus.Rooms are allocated on the basis of gender, age and group. Group leaders live in the same building and monitor the safety, well-being and behaviour of occupants.

Meals are taken in the campus dining-rooms with groups and leaders being assigned specific areas for safety, service and comfort. Any student with food allergies such as gluten intolerance, etcetera, will be fully catered for and  monitored at mealtimes. A packed lunch is provided on excursion days. Lunch is not provided on Sundays as students are usually shopping in downtown Cork and prefer to make their own arrangements in this regard. Students always leave campus accompanied by their respective group leaders.

Please find attached agent prices, a sample timetable and other relevant details for your reference.   

Click here for an aerial video view of our modern and tranquil campus. Click here also to access a comprehensive selection of programme photographs. 

Information brochures in several languages, along with photographs and more information on our programmes are available at 

Please contact me should you require clarification on any aspect of our summer courses.  

Yours sincerely

Doc Traynor 

Access English Campus | Parchment Square,Model Farm Road,Cork City,Ireland.  
DB Traynor  | Director 
Tel: +353872850163 | Tel: +34630262926 

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