Британский визовый центр направил всем заявителям на визу письмо сообщение Message from UK Visas and Immigration

| 7 Мая 2020, 18:21

Message from UK Visas and Immigration

Dear Customer,

Due to the operational impact of COVID-19, the UK’s Visa Application Centres (VAC) are currently closed and we are unable to resolve new or existing applications. For further information please go to: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-immigration-and-borders

Our records show that you have a pending application for a UK visa the which is yet to be concluded. This application has been placed on hold.

We would like to reassure customers that this is due to the operational impacts of COVID-19. Customers should not be concerned that there is something wrong with their application. All information provided digitally is protected and your passport, where submitted, is being stored in securely in a fireproof safe.

Once the VACs re-open and your application can be processed, we will contact you. Please do not attend the VAC until you have been advised that your application has been decided.

We regret that, unless already organised, we are unable to return your passport at this time due to local government restrictions. We will let you know when the position changes. If you have an urgent need to travel, please contact your own government consular service to arrange an emergency travel document.

Озерин Эдуард
Москва 88888888888


Администратор, Профессионал

15 Мая 2020, 17:51 | # 87120

15 May 2020 Update: EU Settlement Scheme



The Home Office has now (14 May 2020) received more than 3.5 million applications to the EU Settlement Scheme, according to the latest internal figures. The milestone has been reached with over a year still to go until the 30 June 2021 deadline. 

Alongside this announcement, today the Home Office has also released the most recent quarterly statistics report, providing more detailed information on the progress of the EU Settlement Scheme. This quarterly publication complements the high-level monthly statistical releases on the progress of the scheme and takes a more in-depth look at the total number of applications and their outcomes.

This report provides breakdowns of total and concluded applications by:

·        Nationality

·        UK country

·        Age group

·        Local authority

·        Outcome type
Minister for Future Borders and Immigration Kevin Foster said:

“EU citizens are part of the fabric of our society. They are our friends, family and neighbours, enriching our culture and community. I am therefore pleased we’ve already had more than 3.5 million applications, with over a year left till the deadline.”

 “The scheme is the biggest of its kind in British history and there’s still plenty of time left to apply.”


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic a wide range of support has remained available for those who need help applying or have questions about the scheme. We are pleased to confirm the Settlement Resolution Centre telephone service has now resumed. Both the general helpline and dedicated line for support organisations have now re-opened. 


Yesterday, updates to the Immigration Rules were laid in Parliament, which includes changes to the EU Settlement Scheme.

The rule changes will widen access to the scheme to victims of domestic violence or abuse. If a family member’s relationship with an EEA citizen breaks down permanently as a result of domestic violence or abuse, this, coupled with their own continuous residence in the UK, will be recognised as part of their application.

This is consistent with the Government’s wider commitment to tackling domestic violence and abuse as well as protecting and supporting victims of it.

The rule changes also mean that a family member applying to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) or for an EUSS family permit may also be required to provide a certified English translation of (or a Multilingual Standard Form to accompany) a document as evidence of the relevant family relationship.

In addition, the rule changes mean that family members of British or dual British-Irish citizens who are people of Northern Ireland will be able to apply for status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

This delivers on the commitment the UK Government made in the ‘New Decade, New Approach’ agreement in January 2020 which restored the power sharing executive in Northern Ireland.


Kind regards,

Home Office Communications


17 Июня 2020, 16:46 | # 87409
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