Какие документы нужны для визы в Англию на 10 лет, нюансы и шансы? Есть особенности получения 10-летней визы в Англию?

| 16 Января 2020, 17:52

Запрашивайте британскую визу на 10 лет. На практике, мы всем нашим Уважаемым Клиентам рекомендуем оформлять именно визы в Великобританию на 10 лет, что вызываете удивление наших Уважаемых Конкурентов и Партнеров))) т.к. мы «типа» теряем Клиентов на целых 10 лет?! Нет, наоборот, к нам отправляют еще больше клиентов сработало «сарафанное» радио. Мы помогли получить 10-летние визы сотни нашим Заявителям и взрослым, и детям!!!

Как получить визу на 10 лет в Англию, Шотландию, Уэльс, Северную Ирландию смотрите список документов и нюансы получение 10-летней визы на сайте Сообщества визовых консультантов и экспертов по Великобритании – WikiVisa.Ru – Ждем Ваши вопросы!












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Главная Форум Форумы о визах Туристическая виза C-Visit Standart Visitor visa Перевод документов для туристической визы в Англию
Главная Форум Форумы о визах Туристическая виза C-Visit Standart Visitor visa Ответы на вопросы по визе в Великобританию
Главная Форум Форумы о визах Отказ в визе в Великобританию (a visa refusal) Отказ в визе правила V 4.2 - V4.10 причины, что делать после отказа?
С уважением, Alex Epton

Список документов для британской визы Standard Visitor visa

Документы-список на туристическую, семейную и гостевую визу: C-Visit Standard General Visitor visa, Family Visitor visa в Великобританию

Источник: Документы на туристическую, семейную и гостевую визу 
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5 Марта 2020, 14:21 | # 86585

The post-Brexit picture became more clear a couple of weeks ago when the UK Home Office released a detailed policy statement outlining a new points-based immigration system for those seeking permanent residency in the UK.

The British government has also provided some important clarifications around student mobility as the UK continues to transition out of the European Union. We have the latest details and some early industry reaction on these important developments in our feature item below.

Also this week: the continuing impacts of the coronavirus outbreak and its influence on student intent for study abroad, a new strategy for Australia’s ELT sector, and a special feature on student housing.

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UK introduces new points-based immigration system

In January 2021, the UK will switch to a points-based immigration system designed to attract top students and highly skilled workers who wish to obtain permanent residency.

To be granted a visa to remain in the UK after their studies, international students “will achieve the required points if they can demonstrate that they have an offer from an approved educational institution, speak English, and are able to support themselves during their studies in the UK”.


New strategy aims to establish Australia as global leader in English language teaching

The Australian government has released a new sector strategy that recognises the key role of ELICOS providers in the country’s education exports.

The strategy aims to further strengthen the sector with a focus on student experience, quality assurance, innovation in programme delivery, and diversification into new markets.



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COVID-19 triggers cancellations and delays but most students intend to follow through on study plans

In the midst of a growing number of programme and event cancellations, and as travel restrictions remain in place in many countries, a new survey finds that a majority of students say their plans to study abroad have not been affected.

Even so, a significant proportion of survey respondents (27%) expect they will have to change their plans this year.


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Major investments forecast in “blended living” student accommodation

Traditional residence halls and dorms may soon be outdated models of student accommodation, as excitement – and investment in – “blended living” spaces serving multiple user groups grows.

In order for investments to grow and to be successful, outdated planning and building regulations must evolve to allow for innovative design of shared spaces.


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