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Документы на визу жены в Великобританию (Settelement visa UK) теперь нужно отправлять почтой.
Куда и на какой адрес отправлять документы на визу Settelement visa смотрите ниже.  

Settlement visa applications submitted in Russia (Moscow)

On 17 October 2016, UK Visas & Immigration introduced a change to the process for submitting documents to support visa applications made in Russia. 

Customers should attend the Visa Application Centre with only their passport and visa application form.  Supporting documents should be sent to UK Visas and Immigration by the sponsor from the UK or the applicant from Russia. 

Frequently asked questions

Q:      Where should I send supporting documents?

A:      The address for supporting documentation to be sent to is: 

Settlement Applications International Operations and Visas

6 Millsands Vulcan House Sheffield

S3 8NH

United Kingdom 

Q:      What supporting documents should I send?

A:      Supporting documents should include the following: 

  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope or prepaid return self-addressed courier envelope to return any original UK documents.
  • The GWF reference provided at the time of application e.g. GWF123456789.
  • One printed copy of the application form
  • All additional documents supporting your application. These should include any documents originating in the UK, like evidence of maintenance and accommodation. 

Q:      Will my documents be returned to me?

A:      Only valuable documents such as marriage and birth certificates will be returned and only if you have supplied photocopies of them. 
Documents such as photographs, records of correspondence, bank statements will not be returned and will be retained in UKVI only if directly relevant to the decision. 

If you want your valuable supporting documents returned, you should send photocopies as well as the original documents. We will not return these valuable documents if they have not been photocopied. 

Q:      Should I arrange the documents in a particular order?

A:  Yes, the documents should be arranged in this order: 

Application form and Appendix 2 English language evidence Relationship documents Maintenance documents Accommodation documents 

Q:      What will happen to my passport?

A:      If you have opted for the 15 working day Priority Visa Service your passport will remain at the British Embassy in Moscow.  If you are applying under the standard service your passport will remain in the UK throughout the visa consideration process. If you would like to retain your passport whilst a decision is being made you may wish to consider the ‘Keep my passport when  applying’ service.  Further details are available on the TLS Contact website. 

Q:      My sponsor sent my documents to Russia, will I get refused?

A:      There will be a small transition period after the change, so if your sponsor sends the documents to Russia during this time they will be forwarded to the UK by the Visa Application Centre.  This transition period ends on 14 November 2016. 

Q:      Will it take longer for my visa to be processed?

A:      No, we will continue to processes visa applications in line with our customer service standard, which is 60 working days or 15 working days if applying under the Priority Visa Service.  Further details about the Priority Visa Service can be found on the TLS Contact website. Where we are unable to resolve an application within our service standards, we will continue to write to applicants to explain why. 

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