Seminar "Education in Canada. Centennial College" in Moscow July 2019

| 9 Июля 2019, 12:47

Good day WikiVisa.Ru

Hope this email finds you well. 

We are planning to conduct one-day Seminar "Education in Canada. Centennial College" in Moscow, July 2019 and would like to invite you to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with you and discuss all possible topics.  

We are still thinking about the exact date (most probably it will be between July 8-12, 2019). Please let us know what date and time do you prefer.

We will let you know about the place (location) soon.         

Please let me know if you can participate (2 people maximum per agency). 

Please confirm within 1 week. Seats are limited.

Centennial's promotion video for marketing is presented as below:

You Belong - YouTube

Education without border focused on the horizon of tomorrow. Your future starts here ▶ Find your full-time program ▶ http://c...

Thank you and have a nice day.

Regards (С уважением),

Maxim Gromyko (Максим Громыко)

International Admissions Officer (Team Lead)
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom
International Department

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