Весна список мероприятий в Лондоне Март-Май 2020

| 10 Марта 2020, 11:35

Мероприятия в Лондоне Март-Май 2020

6 Марта 2020
O 2 Arena

7 Марта 2020
Michael Ball & Alfie Boe
O2 Arena 

8 Марта 2020
O2 Arena 

10 Марта 2020
The London Palladium

27 Марта 2020
O2 Arena 

7 Апреля 2020
Evanescence & Within Temptation
O2 Arena 
8 Апреля 2020
The Who
Wembley Arena 

15 Апреля
Snoop Dogg
O2 Arena

17-18 Апреля 2020

Pussycat Dolls
O2 Arena
25-26 Апреля
Craig David
O2 Arena
5 Мая 2020
The Show: The Music Of ABBA
The London Palladium
14—15 Мая 2020
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
O2 Arena 

26—27 Мая 2020
Dua Lipa
O2 Arena 

28 Мая 2020
Pet Shop Boys
O2 Arena 

Театр, опера, мьюзиклы

5-29 Марта 2020

Harry Potter and the Cursed child (театр)

Palace theatre

5 Марта—16 Мая 2020

Swan Lake (балет)

Royal Opera House – London

5 Марта – 29 Августа 2020

Hamilton (мьюзикл)

Victoria Palace Theatre


6-14 Марта 2020

Fidelio (опера)

Royal Opera House


14—23 Марта 2020

La Traviata (опера)

Royal Opera House – London

4 Апреля 2020

The Secret Garden (мьюзикл)

The London Palladium

27 Апреля–11 Мая 2020

Tristan und Isolde (опера)

Royal Opera House


12–27 Мая 2020

La bohème (опера)

Royal Opera House – London


11 Мая 2020-5 Сентября 2020

Sunday in the Park with George (мьюзикл)

Savoy Theatre, Strand 


14-19 Мая

Heritage (балет)

Royal Opera House

Другие мероприятия
3-4 Апреля 2020
Trevor Noah
O2 Arena
30 Апреля 2020
Предпоказ фильма "James Bond: No Time To Die"
Royal Opera House
1 Мая - 31 Июля 2020
Dinner in the sky
O2 Arena

11 - 17 Мая 2020
London Wine Week 2020
Various venues
19 - 23 Мая 2020
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020
Royal Hospital South Grounds


Londinium Services (Concierge)

Londinium Services

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11 Марта 2020, 13:47 | # 86671

                                                                       Message from the Co-Principals

It has been a rather ‘different’ week as the news desks around the world continue to bring statistics of the inevitable spread of COVID-19 and it is very easy to get caught up in the panic that media outlets appear intent on sowing. We are not dismissive of the potential threat that this new virus holds, but as a school we are doing our best to ensure that for our students it is very much ‘business as usual’. There has been an increased focus on hand washing and personal hygiene for staff and students alike (much to the chagrin of our junior boarders!) and our cleaning teams have stepped up efforts to ensure that high-contact areas are receiving increased levels of attention to minimise the spread of germs. The rumour mill churns out different stories each day and we are working hard to ensure that we provide an oasis of calm in which our students can continue to study and learn in a safe, international community. We are in daily contact with the Independent Schools Association and Boarding Schools Association to ensure that we keep our community safe and are following best practice as advised by Public Health England.
With the approach of the holidays we have been asked about the school’s plans should travel restrictions be put in place. The school will ensure that any boarders who cannot go home for the holidays have a place to stay – either at our Lions centre or at school. Mr. Sutton has sent information about this around to international families, but if you have questions do please speak to our admissions team directly and they will be happy to provide the requisite information. There have also been questions about public examinations this spring and what might happen in the event of schools being closed. We are receiving updates from Ofqual and JCQ on this and if there are changes, we will inform you at that time. Right now, though, we are preparing for exams as normal so don’t let your child use this as an excuse not to be revising hard!
Our students have been positively engaged in things here at school whilst all of the above whirls around beyond the school gates. Our sports teams have continued to be successful and we are running as many trips as possible (risk-assessing them of course!) and across the academic curriculum students are working hard and progressing. In the innovation department, the ‘tenner’ challenge is being launched – teams of students are given £10 and have to make the most profit from this, using it as seed money. They have to produce a short promotional video and then go out amongst the community selling their product/idea and at the end the team that makes the most money (after giving back the £10 of course) will be announced. It is a great example of innovation and entrepreneurship in action. Our new weather station is up and running outside the school office (our thanks to the Saint family for constructing this) and the geography department will be taking daily readings with the goal being a ‘Buckswood Weather Report’ to come out on the information screens. Our thanks also go to the various families who came in on Friday to lend their construction expertise in putting the new boys’ changing room block together down by the Great Hall – another example of the ‘Buckswood family’ coming together.
Carrying on that theme, it is through coming together and staying together that we will come out the other side of this current health crisis. Please remind your children to wash their hands regularly, to cover their coughs and sneezes and of course, to stay hydrated. We will continue to update you on this rapidly evolving situation and thank you for your trust in us as we work to ensure your children remain happy, healthy and productive here at school.

Form 3 Parents Evening  - tomorrow we will be on hand to  present our options for next year, this will take place between 5 - 5.15pm in The Great Hall. Consultation with individual teachers will then take place afterwards.




On Thursday we are delighted to welcome Dr Aric Sigman to the school, who will be talking to our students about 'managing screen dependency' and the broader dangers of addiction to internet enabled devices. He will be offering some top tips for students to enable them to find a healthy balance when using such devices and is part of the school's wider commitment to ensuring our students use technology responsibly. There will also be a talk for parents at 4pm and we encourage as many of you as possible to attend. If you would like to attend please email pa@buckswood.co.uk.


What an exciting two weeks it’s been in the English department. We kicked off proceedings with a trip to Brighton to see ‘An Inspector Calls’, whetting the appetites of Form 4 and consolidating learning for Form 5 – helping with revision. This was followed, this week, with a whole form 5 Creative Writing Workshop (above), led by Mr Lappin, Mrs Prosser and Mr Lucas, where the students were given hints, tips, strategies and innovations that will help them secure more pojnts in this section of the GCSE, enhancing their ability to gain the highest scores possible and maximising their overall outcomes.

We have also been encouraging the students to read and share (see below, L6C all reading for 10 minutes), an initiative that’s part of World Book Day activities (led by Mrs Prosser), whose purpose is to increase literacy and reading, not just as a learning activity but one that will hold students in good stead for life beyond the classroom. We currently have over 200 shares in Form 1 alone! We also had a ‘booky breaktime’ where students came for a shared reading experience in the Great Hall. Many thanks to Mr Shaw for being our guest reader.

Finally, we took the students on a trip to London’s Greenwich theatre to enhance the learning of Forms 4 and 5. Despite the torrential rain we witnessed an exciting modern dress version of ‘Macbeth’, that still transmitted the power and spectacle of the original and a useful revision tool for all. The students on both trips behaved in an exemplary fashion and were a credit to the school and themselves. This has been an exciting period for the English department and we hope that you can support our efforts by encouraging students to read and revise.



Update: The trip to Science live Disney is all going magically well. Yesterday the students had several hours enjoying themselves on night time rollercoaster`s and dark mystery tower drops. Everyone was shattered by the end of the day after walking over 18,000 steps and watching a fantastic firework display. Lights were out by 10:30pm and everyone was fast asleep. This morning the students were overwhelmed with joy as we got them out of bed at 6:30am for breakfast and after a slow start all students are now in the park having a great time. Today they will experience the Science live conference show where students will participate in several workshops.. Pictures and updates to follow got to go Woddy is after us and Mr Jones is heading for big thunder mountain!
Mrs Bramley and Mrs Ballard



Innovation - The junior school (here are Form 1 in action, above) continue to work on their 'Tenner Challenge' whereby they are given £10 by the school to create a product or service to sell for profit within the school community. Thank you to those who have been assisting at home. The students will be selling their products during break times next Thursday - 19th March. Here is the pitch from 'cards n sweets' who asked to promote their product in our newsletter this week.

Cards ‘N’ Sweets! 

Our tenner challenge idea is to make homemade mother’s day cards and sell them along with pick’n’mix sweet bags! As mother’s day is upcoming we believe that it will be a great thing to sell! 

Our team is Finley, Tibbie and Arthur! 


The Hastings Music Festival has been taking place this week and Buckswood students have been both performing and putting in final rehearsals for their forthcoming performances.  On Tuesday 3rd March, Harry (Lower 6th) sung in the Verse & Song and Sacred Song categories doing fantastically against strong competition to place an outstanding 1st and 3rd respectively.  Next week we have a number of students entering the Piano category as well as Pop Vocal and we have high hopes that our renowned Bagpipe Band will retain their trophy in the World Music category.

Latest news - Harry has acheived the following...
1258 dancing groups ballet (age 21 and under) 2nd 

1270 cabaret class (any age) 1st

1114 dancing solo:modern (age 15-under 21) 3rd

1110 dancing solo: ballet (age 15 - under 21) 3rd

1146 dancing song and dance (age 15 under 21)  3rd



Clubs in Focus - Chinese

Club objectives: So far, we’ve covered a few topics such as Chinese crafts, an Insight into Chinese new year and Chinese songs. A presentation in Chinese ( Introducing yourself in Chinese) and Chinese poetries. All the students enjoyed the Chinese clubs in an international cultural environment. 
Skills taught: Chinese club provides hands-on activities and offers further knowledge of the subjects to students. All grade levels in different nationalities are included in the Chinese club experience, alongside the Chinese literature. Presentation skills and leadership skills via the Team of Dragon trip.

Outcomes projected for the end of term. Chinese Club is a place where international students and native Chinese speakers alike can experience a taste of this fascinating culture through a variety of activities set by the teacher. Outcomes including Chinese picture writing symbols; Chinese poems and English poems reading and review by Chinese and non Chinese students;  Singing Chinese songs; Having simple Chinese conversation with native speakers; Videos about speaking in Chinese and greeting words. Lion dance experience and exchange cultures.

Special mentions: As part of  Chinese club, our Team of Dragon (1 Dragon, 2 lions, 1 drum and ribbons) took a bit of Buckswood to Silverdale Primary School, and for the assembly performance; Mrs Li lead the team of dragon to Little Common Primary school, where they delivered the lion dance and lessons in Chinese to 90 Year 4 students. An excellent experience for team of dragon.




124 students have met/exceeded the school target of 95%

Whole school percentage: 94.73%

Best Academic HouseMilne House with 95.17%

Best form group1A with 98.09%

Best year groupYear 1 with 97.50%

Boys win with 94.95%

There are still 33 students with 100% attendance!


Safeguarding, a message from The Hub

Coronavirus - careful what we say!
I think that whilst it is important not to understate that Coronavirus is a serious issue, it is important that we don't frighten children, especially the younger ones.
In one of my seminars this week, one person told me that she had been checking her eight-year old son's internet history. She was shocked to find that his searches were all about Coronavirus, including do children die from getting Coronavirus? And yet, he had not asked his mum one single question about it.
I think we just need to be a bit cautious about the words we use to not make children fearful.
Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

The DfE has opened a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:
Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)
Schools should not close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) COVID-19 case unless directed to do so by Public Health England.


The Buckswood community
A big thank you to Mr Emberson and Mr and Mrs Saint for their hard work in refurbishing the boys' changing rooms. This facility will be open to our student shortly.

We are looking for sponsor for our Sports Awards at the end of the month, to sponsor the trophies for the student. If you would like to get involved and support this event, please email Ms Goden girlsgames@buckswood.co.uk.


BOSS - If you’re looking for an alternative way to spend your Easter holidays, why not join the Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) Spring Course here at Buckswood. BOSS guarantees an experience of a lifetime that offers more than meets the eye! Of course our lessons are extremely important but so too is the thrill of trying new activities and visiting new places, and the friendships that are made make it such a special experience for our students.

From the 29th March to the 18th April, the minimum stay is 2 weeks and the price of £775 per week includes:


·         20 hours of English per week

·         Internationally recognised ESOL exam

·         Two full day and two half day excursions per week

·         All museum and attraction entrance fees

·         Full afternoon and evening activity programme

·         All course materials

·         Full board accommodation

·         Student travel insurance

·         Laundry service

·         BOSS wristband, BOSS drinks bottle, BOSS folder, BOSS diary and BOSS t-shirt


For more information about BOSS, please visit our website and check out our video here, or if you would like to see some photographs and videos from our courses in 2019 and previous years, please visit our Facebook page here and/or our Instagram page here.






This afternoon we took 8 students off road mountain biking in the Bedgebury forests! They bared the rain and tough trails... having an absolute blast in the process! The trip was a huge success and you can tell how much they all loved it by how extremely .... extremely muddy they got!



Pictures from boarding this week... Residence 4 boys busy at work, a Friday evening stroll in the Sussex countryside, cooking.


Week 10 (9 – 15 March)

All things potato

Monday - Chips

Tuesday - gnocchi

Wednesday - mash and cheese

Thursday -crisps

Friday- patatas braves (looking forward to trying this !)

Saturday - dauphinoise


From high-security perimeter protection to infrastructure works, education and environmental protection we can source and install the fencing system to suit your needs.

We have the infrastructure and resources to operate throughout the UK. From our Head Office in East Sussex or our regional centres in South Wales and the Midlands, we can provide a complete turnkey solution for all fencing and associated civil works. 

We offer free of charge site surveys, design consultation and advice.Littlewood Fencing is capable of operating as a Principle Contractor and can manage the complete process from design, procurement and construction through to handover and maintenance. 

For further information email info@littlewoodfencing.co.uk



Heads of Year contacts

Form 1 and 2 - Mrs Bramley lbramley@buckswood.co.uk
Form 3 - Mr Foster rfoster@buckswood.co.uk
Form 4 - Mr Rodriguez jluis@buckswood.co.uk
Form 5 - Mrs Rodgers srodgers@buckswood.co.uk
Lower Sixth - Mr Bramley lukebramley@buckswood.co.uk
Upper Sixth - Mr Shaw mshaw@buckswood.co.uk
IB - Mrs Richards crichards@buckswood.co.uk


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