Study Medicine in the UK - учеба медицинское направление в Англии

| 6 Февраля 2020, 15:57

Dear Partners 

I would like to invite to the webinar devoted to preparation to Medical Universities on 11 February at 9.30 UK Time. Webinar will be run by Julian Davies, director of Abbey College Cambridge!

All our students have a comprehensive preparation programm for Medicine. Please join the webinar to get a details and solid information! 

Please could you register and leave any questions at 

Also I would like to stress that we’re very proud of our students’ achievements. This year’s A-Level results were astonishing! 

The UK Government has published its latest school comparison data on the official website: Abbey College Cambridge ranks 7 out of more than 4,000 institutions based on 2019 A Level results! 

DLD is ranked as one of the best schools for progression, it achieved an ‘above average’ score based on student academic progress!  This measure shows that  DLD adds more academic value for each student! 

Pleas also watch our new College Highlights video which shows benefits students gets with us on our Facebook page-!  We would be grateful if you can share this video on your Facebook or Instagram! 

Please refer to me if you have any other questions!

Best regards,

Valentina Orlova

Regional Manager Russia/CIS

Skype: Valentina Abbey DLD (live:89e9e2835a8c289d)

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