The American University of Cyprus, Larnaka Campus - AUCY

| 5 Февраля 2021, 16:10

The American University of Cyprus, Larnaka Campus - AUCY 

Hope you are doing fine. 

We are addressing you by this email to introduce “ The American University of Cyprus, Larnaka Campus – AUCY “. 

AUCY will begin its operation this September 2021. The University is located on a very peaceful island: Cyprus. 

AUCY at this stage signed a full MOU with UMASS ( University of Massachusetts ) Dartmouth in the United States, as well as a full Agreement with CASS Europe in Paris for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics up to the PhD and DBA programs. 

The purpose of our email is to collaborate with your esteemed institution in terms of sending us students, promoting AUCY as well as representing us in your countries. 

Attached is a movie showing our campus and following is a brief description about the University: 

American University of Cyprus – AUCY 

  • The American University of Cyprus, Larnaka, is located on Ammochostou Avenue 52, 6019. It is the only University in Cyprus whose campus is located on the seashore. The driving distance to and from Larnaka Airport is around 15 minutes, and to the main center of Larnaka, under 5 minutes.

The dormitories are found near the campus, in addition to numerous traditional residence halls, new buildings, and apartments for rent nearby. 

AUCY acquired its conditional institutional license and is under the Evaluation by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) and is proceeding with the prospect of operating in September 2021 with the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Sciences and Technology.

  • AUCY will be operating on two campuses: The Larnaka Campus in the first phase and the Ayia Napa Campus in the second phase. We aim to offer degrees that are accredited by the Cypriot Ministry of Higher Education and European Council for Accreditation, as well as a fully academic exchange program with a reputable, regionally and internationally accredited, United States of America (USA) University. Additionally, AUCY is in the process of affiliating with several universities worldwide, based on their expertise in the desired programs.

AUCY comprises several undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, as well as a Division of Continuing Education and a high end Training Center. 

  • . “The vision and the mission of AUCY is to provide high quality standard of education to all Cypriot and non-Cypriot students, supplying them with academic excellence, theoretical and practical and subsequently enabling them to excel in the job market upon graduation. Our main goal is not only to equip students with respectable degrees, but also evolve them as an indispensable member of the community that they will be functioning in”. 
  • AUCY will be administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of respectful academic people and honorary society members. As the upper management of the university, the Board of Trustees will be responsible for overseeing all the academic, financial, and human resources matters.

AUCY’s operation is expected to start in the Fall of 2021. The Larnaka Campus is now fully renovated and meets all the requirements of the Cypriot Ministry of Education.

The next stage will be the launching of the Ayia Napa Campus, which upon construction, will accommodate some of our operating faculties as well as introduce new faculties. 

  • AUCY offers outstanding research facilities and opportunities, supported by generous funding. We attract top international faculty and students to conduct fundamental and goal-oriented research to address the world's pressing scientific and technological challenges.
  • AUCY will be a totally Green and Eco-Friendly environment, adopting the Cypriot Ministry of Higher Education and the European Universities’ standards. 


AUCY will include 3 faculties as follows:

  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
  • Faculty of Fine Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology 

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics 

Department of Management and Marketing

  • BA in Business Management
  • BA in Advertising and Marketing
  • BA in Events Management and planning 
  • MBA:
  • Digital Marketing Concentration 
  • MBA in Real Estate Management

Department of Accounting and Finance 

  • BA in Banking and Finance
  • BA in Accounting                                                               

Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

Department of Design

  • BA in Interior Design
  • BA in Graphic Design 

Department of Psychology 

  • BA in Psychology                                     

Faculty of Sciences and Technology 

Department of Computer Sciences

  • BS in Computer Science
  • BS in MIS 

Department of Maritime Sciences and Technology

  • BSC in Maritime Studies 
  • MSc in Shipping Management: 
  • MSc: Maritime law Concentration
  • MSc: Maritime Trade & Concentration 

Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering

  • MSc in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) 


AUCY will include the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
  • Faculty of Fine Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty of Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Hospitality Management
  • Faculty of Health Sciences 


  • AUCY will seek to admit students from Cyprus and all over the world. Students will be selected based on their eligibility to join the desired program. Students will be advised and oriented to join the program that best suits their personality and academic calibre, in order to ensure their success at AUCY as well as after graduation. Some programs may require additional requirements depending on the decision of the Faculty Board. 
  • At AUCY, we believe that the diverse composition of the student body enriches Campus life. The university will strive to implement a multicultural, multinational, and diverse approach to its admission process. 
  • All applicants must have completed their secondary school education or the high school program consisting of (or equivalent to) twelve years of schooling, to be considered for admission to an undergraduate program and hold a bachelor’s degree for admission to a graduate program. 
  • Our Tuition fees will be competitive and in accordance with the European Universities’ standards. However, we will have a strong Financial Aid Office that helps students with need-based, merit-based, and criteria-based scholarships and grants. 

Some of our Grants will be::

  • Scholarship Grants
  • Financial Assistance
  • Sibling Grants
  • Sports Grants
  • Acceptance to any of AUCY programs will be granted in correlation with an award letter and financial aid package enabling students and parents to have/devise a clear budgeting plan.
  • AUCY will include academic and non-academic supportive facilities such as laboratories, libraries, cafeteria, student lounges, and other service offices, meeting the requirements of the accreditation committee in Europe. AUCY will have a physical library as well as an electronic one (e-library) connected to most respectable universities, scholarly journals, magazines, and research centres worldwide.


Student life is an important part of the university experience, as it offers our students a unique opportunity to develop their personality and communication skills, as well as make lifelong friends. Campus life at AUCY focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social, and cultural growth of students. We encourage students to become involved in student clubs and organizations to make the most of their stay at AUCY. 

Following are some clubs we intend to establish:

  • Social Club
  • Debate Club
  • Science Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Maritime Club
  • Hospitality Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Football Club
  • Volley-Ball Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Skiing Club
  • Music Club
  • Nutrition Club
  • Psychology Club
  • And many more, based on students’ interests. 
  • Our main investment is in human power. We will attract professors and instructors  from all over the world whereas most of our staff and operating personnel will be from Cyprus. 
  • We will be establishing an active Placement - Career Office. The office will serve matriculated students in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, by offering them unique job and/or internship opportunities. The main task of this division is to attract various Cypriot and international companies to link students with such potential opportunities. 
  • Universities are an integral part of the society they operate in; therefore, at AUCY, we will have an open-door policy for all Cypriot organizations and international NGOs to use our premises, library, and courtyards for philanthropic and community events. 
  • AUCY will have a Division of Continuing Education targeting the Cypriot Society. This centre will conduct research, offer courses in Business, Hospitality, Middle Eastern Studies and Conflicts, and Globalization, as well as training sessions in different fields. Upon completing these sessions, students will receive accredited certificates. 
  • You can Always find us on all online platforms as follows: 
  • Facebook: The American University of Cyprus, Larnaka Campus – AUCY
  • Instagram: aucy_larnaka_campus
  • LinkedIn: AUCY Larnaca
  • Twitter: AUCY ( AmericanUniCyp) 

I will remain at your disposal for future communication regarding the way we may collaborate. 

Sincere Regards 

Farid Haikal

Director Of Admissions & Marketing     

American University of Cyprus - AUCY  

Larnaca – Cyprus 

 Tel #: +357 24 209000            


Website :

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