Fam Trip for Russian agents - Loire Valley fam trip “Treasures of Touraine” - Saint-Denis INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

| 31 Августа 2019, 16:20

Saint-Denis International School - Exclusive 3-day Loire Valley fam trip “Treasures of Touraine” 
Bonjour VikiTravel.Ru,

We love to connect personally with our valued partners and potential new ones, and face to face is for sure the best way to strengthen our working relations. For you as an agent, it really makes a difference when you had the chance to visit your partner schools, doesn’t it?

If you are planning to attend ALPHE London this year, it might be the occasion to hop over to France to visit Tours Langues (French for adults) and Saint-Denis International School (Juniors) as well as our partners for professional programs offering pastry or cooking diplomas e.g.. There are flights from London Stansted (STN) to Tours (TUF) or you can travel to Tours from Paris in only 1h by TGV.

We will be delighted to offer you our exclusive 3-day Loire Valley fam trip “Treasures of Touraine” with its world famous castles and wines, plus a day 4-option to Mont  Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo, if your time allows. Please see programme attached.

Only arrival in/and departure from Tours are at your own expense (if you join us to go to Mont Saint-Michel we will drop you in Paris free of charge).

Looking forward to welcoming you in Tours and in Loches in September – optimize your time with 2 schools – 1 trip!

Space is limited and you can apply by contacting us by email. You will then receive an application form.


Yannick Durand -TOURS LANGUES 



Vice Principal
Director Of International Studies

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37601 Loches cedex- France
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Ozerin Eduard
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6 Ноября 2019, 14:50 | # 85413

Hello Igor Ozerin,

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to follow up and see if you work with high-school students who would benefit from our summer programs at Harvard, Yale and other top US universities. Please find more details about our programs at www.AmbassadorLeaders.com/summits or I am happy to set up a video call and share the details about our summits and how we work with our international partners. 

If this is something of interest, I kindly ask for your response. Our summits often fill up by first of the year, but we will set aside space for you. We would love to have a couple of your students take part and then share their experience, so you can begin to build some testimonials. 

If our summits don’t fit into your current portfolio, don’t hesitate to let me know, though many of our partners find that our programs offer them something additional to offer families.  They offer our summits after a language immersion program or to begin working with students before their gap year and then they can easily move them into their internship programs. 

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can host a few of your students next summer.  

Warm regards, 


Kathy Mellstrom

Program Director

(509) 396-5551



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